"It starts when a clue inscribed on a Half-Heart Locket leads Bree and her best friends Sandy and Honey to an ancient, magical book. With it they can freeze time, fly and shrink to the size of ants.

But they soon discover the book has a long history of destruction and death. And it's being sought by the monstrous Thalofedril, who will stop at nothing to get it. Using its incredible powers, he could turn the world into a wasteland.

Bree, Sandy and Honey go on the run-hurtling off city rooftops, down neck-breaking ravines, and through night-black underground tunnels-to keep the book out of his lethal hands. Little do they know that the greatest danger of all lies ahead, in the heart of his deadly lair...

Can Bree find the courage to face this terrifying evil, and to confront the secrets of her tragic past?"

Punchy and exciting, this is a thrilling page-turner from a dazzling new talent.


"Eight months after her death-defying escape from Castle Zarcalat, Bree McCready thinks she’s seen the last of the half-heart locket and the dangerous magical book that goes with it... until Honey’s kid sister Mimi disappears.

Suddenly, the locket and the book plunge Bree, Sandy and Honey into a world divided by the mysterious Flame of Irenus. Burning in a secret part of the castle, some think the Flame is the source of peace and light. Others say it brings bloodshed and must be extinguished.

Faced with a bone-crunching race against time to rescue Mimi and find the hidden chamber, Bree must rely on her friends more than ever. But a new boy at school has caught her eye and brought unexpected jealousy... She saved the world once before. Saving her friendships might not be as easy"

The explosive sequel to Bree McCready and the Half-Heart Locket is packed with action, secrets and heartbreak.


"Who would have guessed it? A shy swat, a psycho rebel and a lanky nerd try to save the world...for a third time!

Strange things start to happen at the Halloween funfair, and fourteen year old Bree McCready immediately suspects they have something to do with the half-heart locket.

Sensing trouble, Bree, and her friends Sandy and Honey, seek out the magical book, despite knowing it will take them on yet another terrifying adventure. They embark on an epic journey, which takes them to the Realm of the Lost - a place where normal rules do not apply.

Armed only with The Book and a map, the trio negotiate unknown territory, discovering strange creatures, deadly traps and new friends...only to end up in the darkest place imaginable.

Friendships and loyalties are tested to the extreme as Bree, Sandy and Honey try to fulfil their promise to keep The Book safe from the clutches of evil. Will they finally be able to put their demons to rest?

The third book in the Bree McCready series is another action-packed page-turner, full of surprises, and the darkest of revelations.

"A terrific story that had me hooked from beginning to end. I loved it!" D.A Nelson, author of the award-winning DarkIsle

"Bree McCready and the Half Heart Locket was a superb fantasy adventure but I think Flame of Irenus may be even better" Our Book Reviews Online

"..a good balance of adventure, puzzles, friendship and humour. The action simply doesn't stop so it's very hard to put the book down at the end of a chapter" The Bookbag

"Good friends, actions and thrills, oh my! Bree had all of it" The Book Owl

"5 stars! A marvelous read. Snappier and more action packed than Harry Potter" Our Book Reviews Online

"This tale will have children eagerly flipping the pages to see what comes next and how the story ends" The Supermom

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bree's doll's house...

The living room where Bree, Sandy and Honey hide from the evil Thalofedril...

The spiral staircase that leads up to the attic room...

Someone has left the toilet seat up!

Anyone fancy a cup of tea at the bamboo dining table?

Upstairs and downstairs in Bree McCready's doll's house...
The outside of the house with all its lovely detail. Come on in...

Excerpt from Chapter nine of Bree McCready and the Half Heart Locket "A Miniature Adventure"

The doll's house started to vibrate again, knocking crockery from the table. The settee started to bounce along the floor and they moved with it, hoping that it would conceal them. Then, as abruptly as it had started, the shaking stopped and there was silence.
They looked at each other, barely daring to breath. Honey rose to her knees and looked around the arm of the settee.
Filling the entire window was an enormous red eye. The staring, hungry eye of a predator. The narrow iris darted from side to side, searching. Its pupil was a deep well of blackness in which Honey could see a watery reflection of the room.
She gasped, threw herself back down and motioned for the others to stay still and quiet.
The room had suddenly become unbearably warm. Sandy's glasses steamed up, but it did not matter: his eyes were firmly shut. The Evil One sniffed and grunted behind the thin glass as though he were relying more on his sense of smell than his vision.
Suddenly and violently the floor started to tilt and the little bookcase fell forward, scattering its contents everywhere. The table overturned and the tea set crashed to the carpet.
"He's picking up the house!" cried Bree as the sofa slid across the floor, "Hold on!"....

Read more from Bree McCready and the Half Heart Locket by Hazel Allan before the sequel hits the shelves at the end of October!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'll be on the radio tomorrow (Sunday 17th October from 2-3pm) talking to Elaine May Smith about Bree McCready and my life as a writer. Exciting! Listen live here : )

Monday, 4 October 2010

Scottish Book Trust...

...have chosen Bree McCready and the Flame of Irenus as their Book of the Month! Thanks guys : )